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How Landscaping Can Increase Home Prices

Are you thinking about selling your home? Maybe you are wondering how you can get the best price for it. You know that you can make renovations to update your home that might help to increase the appeal of your property with potential home buyers. However, have you considered updating your landscaping?

Landscaping and regular maintenance for your home can pay dividends when it comes to maximizing the price that you can sell your home for. Here are the ways in which landscaping can increase the value of your home.

Make a Great First Impression

Let's face it. The exterior of your home is the first thing that buyers will see when they arrive at your home. If there are leaves everywhere and overgrown shrubs blocking the view of your home, this isn't something that home buyers are going to find attractive.

In addition, it also leads them to believe that you haven't taken very good care of the inside of your home if the outside of the property doesn't look that great. Therefore, if you want to get potential home buyers excited about visiting your home during an open house, you need to clean up your landscaping.

While you don't have to have it completely redone, getting the lawn mowed, the trees cut, and the walkways cleaned can make a world of difference for the exterior of your home at a price that is affordable.

Native Plants

Having plants that are native to your area as a part of your landscaping can add significant value to your home. This is because these plants are easier to maintain because they cost less and they won't require a lot of fuss in order to continue growing.

In addition, native plantings also help the wildlife by providing habitats for birds, butterflies, and other animals that need places to feed and root. In fact, The National Wildlife Federation even issues special certifications to homeowners who have taken the steps to add native plantings to their landscaping.


Trees help to reduce the costs needed to cool a home by providing shade to naturally block out sunlight. In addition, trees can take care of stormwater runoff by blocking and sucking up the water that runs off of your property. This can help to reduce the amount of pollutants that end up in the waterways near your home.

If you have trees on your property that are fairly old and are still living, these can add significant value to your property. However, you will need to call in a specialist in order to determine how much value in actual dollars the tree will add to your property.

Hire a Professional Landscaping Service

If you want to keep your property looking great and help attract high paying buyers to your home, you need to take care of your landscaping. Consider hiring someone to clean up the landscaping and install new plants where old ones have died out or the land is otherwise bare.

If you would like hire a professional landscaping service to assist you with updating and maintaining your property, Nature Care Services can help. Call today us at 310-225-3730 to request your affordable quote for landscaping services.

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