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Tips to Make the Garden Grow

If you’ve recently updated your landscaping with new plants, you’ve probably wondered how you can create an attractive look for your landscaping through good growth. Here are a few tips to make the garden grow so that everyone who visits your business will be impressed with the results.


A good edge to the turf helps to keep the grassy areas of your outdoor landscaping looking great. It also will create a separation between the bed areas and the grassy areas. Using a weed eater or edger works to keep grass from growing into the beds. In this way, you can maintain a great looking lawn while also ensuring that there is clear definition between it and the bed areas.

Exercise Good Weed Control

If you want your garden to look great, it is very important for you to maintain good weed control. Weeds can strangle your plants by outgrowing them and by taking up important nutrients from the soil that your plants need to grow. In addition, once weeds have established themselves, they only seem to multiple at exponential rates.

Maintaining a regular schedule for mowing helps to keep weeds at a minimum. However, when they do appear, you should treat them with a selective herbicide or by removing them by hand. Hand removal is the most effective way for removing weeds because it can take less time than waiting for an herbicide to act and is also better for the environment.

Avoid Overwatering

One major mistake that a lot of beginner gardeners tend to make when it comes to caring for a garden is that they overwater the plants. Overwatering can kill your plants because plant and grass roots need oxygen to survive. When you overwater your plants, they can't get the oxygen that they need.

A good sign that you are overwatering your plants is that the plants often have standing water around them or that the ground is muddy. As a general rule, grass needed to be watered a few times per week. Plants may need only weekly watering depending on the type. Refer to the best recommendations for the plant varieties in your garden to determine the appropriate watering schedule.

Fertilize Your Plants Appropriately

Like overwatering, plants are also very sensitive to fertilizer. If you want to achieve the best growth for your garden, you should definitely use plant fertilizer. However, you should make sure that you follow the directions carefully and choose the right fertilizer for the quality of the soil and the type of plants that you have so that you don't burn them.

If you are on a budget but you would like hire a professional service to assist in performing landscaping services for your business, Nature Care Services can help. Call today us at 310-225-3730 to request your affordable quote for maintenance services.

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