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5 Creative Wreath Ideas You Can Make from Items in Your House

Are you ready for the holidays? Perhaps you are ready to get some extra sleep However, you still need to get the decorations out as well. If you are making wreaths to put on display outdoors, you may be wondering if there are some unique ideas that you can try as supposed to simply buying a wreath at the store.

Here are 5 creative wreath ideas that you can make with simple items from around the house.

1. Rag Wreath

Many people think of leftover textile bits as garbage and they're wrong. Using rags to make a festive wreath for your home is actually a great way to recycle or leftover fabrics. In addition, you may be able to find a ready supply of cloth to use at your local fabric store or thrift store.

To make a rag wreath, you'll need a wire wreath base, the pieces of fabric, scissors and a ruler. Cut the fabric into even strips and then tie the strips one by one to the wreath form. You can decide how you want to organize the strips if you have multiple strips with different fabric patterns. Make sure to tie them together as closely as possible to make your wreath look fuller.

2. Tinsel Wreath

To make a tinsel wreath, buy some garland and wrap it around a piece of floral wire until it is covered. Twist one end of the wire to secure it. Then cut another piece of wire to secure the other end. To finish the look, you can add some faux flowers. Fluff the garland to make your wreath look fuller.

3. Snowman Wreath

If you have a large door, you can create a wreath in the shape of a snowman. You'll need a piece of plywood and picture hanging wire. Using a jigsaw, cut the plywood into a shape of a snowman wreath (three open circles). Then take the ornaments that you want to place on your wreath and affix them to the the plywood. Finally, take all three wreaths and hang them on your door with picture hangers to create the look of a snowman.

4. Poinsettia Wreath

To make a poinsettia wreath, all you need is a wreath wire form and some faux poinsettia leaves and blooms. Take the blooms and affix them to the wire wreath using floral wire. For any items that you want to stay in a specific position, you can also use a hot glue gun. Make sure to arrange the blooms and leaves densely so that there are no spaces in between and your wreath looks full.

5. Burlap Wreath

To easily make a burlap wreath, all you need are burlap rolls, some optional embellishments, such as faux flowers, jute, and a wire wreath form. Loop the burlap through the wire wreath form. Then continue weaving it until you’ve achieved your desired look. When you're finished, you can use some jute to secure your embellishments to the wreath and that’s it!

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